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Who can obtain a green card for their parents?

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2023 | Immigration

Many people dream of living in the United States. Some people are able to make that dream a reality. They obtain educational opportunities or jobs that help them qualify for visas. Other times, they can use personal relationships as part of the immigration process.

Once someone has legally entered the United States, they will probably start thinking of ways to extend their good fortune to their closest loved ones. Parents often play a major role in supporting someone’s education and personal development. When can an immigrant help their parents lawfully enter the United States?

They must become citizens first

There are a host of different family-based immigration programs, but most of them only apply to people’s immediate family members. Spouses and children have many opportunities. They can travel with someone who has a visa or a green card. Parents of immigrants have fewer options.

If someone wants to obtain a green card for their parents, they will need to become a citizen first. The naturalization process can take time to complete but is often worthwhile for those hoping to help their loved ones enter the country. Naturalized citizens are the only immigrants who can support parents or siblings who would like to become permanent residents.

The relationship someone has with their parent determines what is necessary to secure a green card. The citizen helping their parents apply for a green card must have proof of their relationship. Birth certificates or adoption paperwork can be necessary when applying for a green card for a parent.

Ultimately, seeking legal guidance and learning more about different immigration opportunities may help people share their good fortune with their family members.