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Personal, Attentive And Knowledgeable Business Law Services

Our nation is built on the backs of small businesses, and Audi Law PLLC in Hershey is here to assist you in any of your small-business law needs. As a small-business owner myself, I understand the many questions and considerations that you may have as you build your business. Call me, Ali Audi to set up a time to talk about what you need to succeed: 717-707-5611.

Business Formation And Operating Agreements

We can discuss your goals and resources and the various options and processes that are available to formally create your Pennsylvania business. This includes whether it is best to form as an LLC, a partnership, a corporation or any other entity type. You will then be able to form the chosen entity type in a much more responsive manner than some of the online offerings.

In addition, if you require operating agreements or other such documents, I will draft or review those documents for you at a reasonable rate.

Contracts That Protect Your Interests

Once your business is formed, the next important step is making sure that your contracts are drafted in such a way as to ensure that your rights are protected and that you are getting the results that you negotiated. I can assist in negotiating terms, drafting contracts or reviewing documents that you are already using or that have been presented to you by a potential business partner. Set up a time at my office to discuss your legal needs and how I can help you.

Representation In Civil Litigation Matters

Civil litigation is someone that a business will experience at one point or another. It is sometimes necessary to enforce your rights or to protect your interests in a lawsuit. I am available to review your contracts and to discuss what options you have available to you, including negotiating settlements, initiating litigation or defending against actions brought against you.

It is important to meet with a business litigation attorney as quickly as possible when you have been served with legal process. The more time that I have to review your case, the more options that you will have available to you.

Experienced Assistance In Collections

Sometimes, you have provided all of the products or services that you were required to provide, but you have not been paid. I am an experienced collections attorney and can assist you in discussing your options in getting the money that you have earned. This could include negotiating a payment plan or filing a lawsuit in a magisterial district court or a county court of common pleas.

Call Or Email To Set Up A Meeting

As the owner of my own business, I am committed to providing top-notch legal services to my clients. I make every effort to be available when you need me. Call and let’s talk about what you need: 717-707-5611. Located in Hershey, I serve clients throughout Derry Township and Dauphin County. You can also connect via website contact email.