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Personal Attention To Your Civil Litigation Issue

Whether you have a contract dispute, unpaid invoices, personal injury, landlord/tenant issues or any other civil litigation matter, it is important to have an experienced Dauphin County litigator on your side.

After years of “big firm” experience I began my firm, Audi Law PLLC to offer professional legal counsel to the people of Hershey.

Extensive Pennsylvania Court Experience

I have experience in civil litigation in all manner of courts in Dauphin County and Central and Southeastern Pennsylvania. I am an experienced civil litigator who is prepared to assist you in deciding the proper court to bring your action, to help in negotiating settlements, drafting settlement documents and defending against actions brought against you.

No matter what kind of civil litigation issue you have, it is important that you speak to a civil litigation attorney as soon as possible as there are a variety of deadlines that must be met in order to preserve your claims or defenses. The longer you take to respond, the fewer options we will have to resolve your matter. I make every effort to be responsive and accessible. Call 717-707-5611 today to connect and speak with me.

Guidance In Magisterial District Court (MDC) Matters

Magisterial district courts (or MDC) are Pennsylvania’s version of small claim courts. They have a limit of $12,000 in damages, which is the most that you can sue for in these courts. The advantages of filing in the MDC are that you don’t need as formal of a complaint (the document that initiates the lawsuit), cases usually move quicker and filing fees are usually lower. However, the drawbacks of the MDC are that your options for executing on a judgment are more limited, and a judgment in this court does not create an automatic lien on property of the defendant. Either party that loses in the MDC has a right to appeal to the court of common pleas for a brand new trial. I have extensive experience with collections law.

Court Of Common Pleas Assistance

Every county has a court of common pleas that allows for unlimited damages. The common pleas courts have more formal requirements for filing complaints, answers and other filings. In addition, courts of common pleas usually have certain limits, which require mandatory arbitration, rather a trial in front of a judge. Complaints filed in the court of common pleas must be served by a sheriff (in most cases), and the defendant then has 20 days to respond. If you are served with a complaint, it is very important that you speak to an experienced litigation attorney to assist you in drafting and filing a response and negotiating any settlements. A judgment in the court of common pleas puts a lien on any real property held by that defendant in that county.

Representing Your Interests As a Landlord Or Tenant

Pennsylvania has special rules for actions that a landlord must take prior to evicting a tenant. In addition, there are rules for what damages may be recovered. I have experience representing both landlords and tenants in Pennsylvania landlord/tenant actions and can guide you through the process to ensure that your rights are protected in any matter.

Help With Personal Injury Negotiations

If you are involved in a car accident or injured at work or on someone else’s property, it is important that you speak to a personal injury lawyer prior to agreeing to any settlements with the insurance company. In fact, you shouldn’t even speak to the insurance company or other side’s attorneys until you have spoken to an attorney yourself. Most of the time, the insurance companies will be more willing to settle the matter fairly when they know that you have a lawyer representing you. I have experience dealing with insurance companies and their attorneys and know which companies are more willing to negotiate and which companies won’t offer a fair settlement until a lawsuit is filed.

General Litigation Consultations

There are other kinds of civil litigation in which I have experience and can help guide you. Most cases are dependent on the specific facts of the case. Simply looking up information on the internet is unlikely to provide you with the specific answers you need. As an attorney with years of experience in Dauphin County courts, I provide custom solutions to my clients. The first step is to connect and get an assessment of your case. I can also help with business-related issues.

Let’s Discuss Your Legal Needs

I am committed to providing personal and professional legal guidance to my Hershey-area clients. You can reach me at my Hershey office: 717-707-5611 or via email. My office is in Hershey, and I help civil litigation clients throughout Derry Township and Dauphin County.