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Understanding Your Rights When Buying Or Selling Property

If you are just looking to buy or sell a house, then using a real estate agent is probably going to satisfy your needs. However, there are a variety of matters related to your property that are best handled by an experienced real estate attorney.

At Audi Law PLLC, I offer personal attention to your Pennsylvania real estate issue and will work with you to make sure you understand the full scope of your transaction. Call 717-707-5611 and set up a meeting with me, Ali Audi, about your issue.


If you are looking to transfer ownership of property to family members, trusts or LLCs, I can offer an efficient service in drafting the new deeds and filling out transfer tax forms to help you reduce or avoid taxes, depending on your situation.

Lease Agreements

I am experienced in drafting a variety of lease agreements for both commercial and residential properties. These can include traditional leases, rent-to-own leases or any other variation that your particular situation may need. Should you need collections counsel, I am well-versed in this matter.


I have vast experience handling landlord/tenant matters for both landlords and tenants. These can include evictions, property damage disputes or ensuring that a landlord or tenant is meeting their obligations under the lease. I will let you know the options you have, and which actions are within the scope of the law and in your best interests. I have over a decade of experience with civil litigation matters and offer proven counsel.

Pennsylvania Partition

When more than one person owns a property and one of them wants to sell or dispose of the property, without the consent of the other, a partition action may be required in order to have a court set the terms of a sale and allow each party to get their fair share of the proceeds of the sale. As an attorney with a good deal of business law experience, I can advise you of the various legal issues that may relate to your transaction.

Let’s Talk About The Details

No real estate issue is generic, there are always details to hash out. And as we know, the details are what can make the biggest difference. Call and set up a time to go over you specific transaction. Information is not only power, it can be the difference between success and failure in a venture. My office number is 717-707-5611, and you can also reach me via website contact email in Hershey, I serve clients throughout Derry Township and Dauphin County.