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Extensive Experience In Resolving Pennsylvania Collections Issues

There is nothing more frustrating to a business owner than doing the job and not getting paid. If you have outstanding invoices or other collection accounts, hiring an experienced collections attorney can help reduce your frustration and get your bills paid.

I have collections experience ranging from large corporate accounts to smaller individual claims, and I can discuss with you whether it is better to bring these actions in the magisterial courts or in the courts of common pleas. We can also discuss negotiated settlements and whether you would like me to process payments on your behalf. As the owner of Audi Law PLLC, I understand what a business needs to operate and the importance of collecting what is due.

Moving Past Judgments To Collecting

There is a saying in the legal world that getting a judgment is easy, but collecting on it is the hard part. Having an experienced collections attorney on your side can help you determine whether your judgment is worth the effort to try and collect or whether to take different steps to wait out the judgment debtor. There are specific actions that must be taken in order to execute on a judgment, to create a lien or to maintain a lien. As an attorney who does a great deal of work in business contracts and bankruptcy, I have a broad purview of the available options and remedies.

Start The Process With A Collections Meeting

As the owner of my own business, I understand the need to be paid. I also understand that the means needs to justify the end. I strive to ensure that my work with you is both cost and time-effective. My goal is to get the resolution you need to stay profitable and successful. Call 717-707-5611 to arrange a meeting and get started. My office is in Hershey, and I serve clients throughout Derry Township and Dauphin County. You can also connect via website contact email.

My firm is a debt relief agency. I help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.