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4 reasons to practice good self-care during your divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 31, 2023 | Family Law

Those going through a divorce tend to put many things in their lives on the back burner until it’s all over. Examples include going on vacation or buying a new car.

Another thing that often gets put on hold in a divorce is proper self-care. It is easy to forego exercise or nutritious meals when dealing with the stress and anxiety of divorce.

You may not feel it is worth the effort and time, but there are several excellent reasons to prioritize self-care during your divorce.

Better decision-making

When you don’t take care of yourself, it can impact your thoughts, feelings and decisions. A well-nourished body and mind can improve your focus and concentration, leading to wiser decision-making.

Better mental health

Divorce is a top cause of depression and anxiety disorders, and not caring for yourself can worsen their symptoms. Make it a habit to exercise, eat healthy foods and get lots of rest to lower the risk of harming your mental health.

Better child stability

Children need their parents more than ever during a divorce to ensure their psychological stability. If you are not as close to 100% as possible, you may be ill-equipped to meet the emotional and physical needs of your kids.

Better outcomes

Circling back around to decision-making, being healthy can empower you to make choices that protect your future. A sharp mind and fit body are essential when negotiating critical divorce issues under Pennsylvania law.

Of course, good self-care can be easier said than done during an emotionally turbulent divorce. With legal guidance, you have someone who can check your decisions for soundness and provide appropriate counsel.