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Is your marriage headed for divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 29, 2022 | Family Law

When you and your partner got married, you looked forward to a lifetime of happiness together. Yet, lately, things are tense between the two of you. There are moments when you find yourself wondering if your marriage is headed for a divorce?

Sometimes, no matter how much they care about each other, couples grow apart as the years pass by. Other times, a specific incident can drive a wedge between them that they just cannot seem to remove. 

Signs that you are heading for divorce

There are usually some signs along the way that point toward the problems in the marriage:

  • There’s general unhappiness. Throughout the years, this feeling may have slowly crept into your marriage and now you cannot deny it any longer.
  • There’s been infidelity. Though you have tried to forgive your partner’s indiscretions, you just don’t trust them, anymore.
  • You have financial disputes. One of you is a spender and one of you is a saver and you do not agree on how to budget your finances.
  • You live like roommates instead of a married couple. There’s no shared intimacy and you both sleep in separate rooms.
  • You avoid each other. You used to look forward to your partner getting home from work. Now, you hide in your bedroom when you know they’ll soon be home.
  • Loved ones are encouraging you to leave. Those who are closest to you may see red flags that you ignore. Talk to your friends and family and really listen to what they say.
  • You argue all of the time. You don’t know how to talk to each other, anymore.

If you recognize yourself and your partner on this list, consider seeking help. There’s a lot to process when you file for divorce and you should not try to do this alone.