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Is 2022 the year you become single?

On Behalf of | Jan 1, 2022 | Family Law

Has Christmas with the in-laws reinforced your realization that you need to end your marriage? If so, the sooner you start planning your divorce, the more chance you are free to do as you please next December.

A divorce takes time, and many go past the 12-month mark. Yet, with the right attitude and dedication from both parties, they do not need to. You could even have everything over and done within four months from the date you file.

The more you disagree, the longer things will take

An argument that ends with one of you shouting, “I hate you, and I want a divorce,” and the other replying in kind is not typically seen as a good thing. Yet if you want a divorce, having your partner’s agreement makes life so much easier. It saves you from playing the blame game that delays so many divorces. By agreeing your marriage is irretrievably broken, you can focus your energies on how to end it efficiently through an uncontested divorce.

Remember dragging it out will cost each of you much more in legal fees, and the result will still be the same – you will get divorced. A court will not force you to stay married, so if one person files for divorce and the other refuses to accept it, the court will count that alone as showing irreconcilable differences.

That is not to say that an uncontested divorce will be simple. You still need to sit down and reach an agreement on the financial aspects of the termination. If you have children, you must settle on custody arrangements that the court accepts. Finding out more about divorce can help you move your marriage to a swift end.